How Long Do you Stay?

In order to tell the story of the day I film from when you get your hair made up through to when you let your hair down!

Where are you based? 

I live in Launceston, Tasmania & Yes, I love to Travel!  Get in touch and let me know where your wedding’s taking place. If it’s more than a 2 hour drive from home, there may be a small travel fee & If I get the opportunity to travel across Bass Strait I shall get quotes for flights / accommodation and factor that into the final price

What about the music?

Part of what has drawn you to me is the music I choose and the important role it plays in my films. I work tirelessly to find the perfect track for your film, once your track has been picked the magic begins!

What about speeches?

I always record the speeches; they are always fun to watch and enjoy in 10 years time :) these will be supplied separately on the usb.

Do you include the raw footage?

No. I don’t include (or offer) the raw footage. My creative style of filming and editing means there are literally hundreds of short 5-15 second clips from a bunch of different angles. There’s no camera continuously recording whole parts of the day.